Project Synapse is a Research and Development project between ADCERRA (Auroville Dental Centre's rural programme) and Ninād.

ADCERRA (Auroville Dental Centre Education Research Rural Action) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides innovative Concept 0-Pd based rural dental care in Auroville, India.
Auroville is an international township supported by a special act of the Indian Parliament and UNESCO.

0-Pd (Proprioceptive derivation) paradigm and technology was developed by Dr. Daryl Beach - an American healthcare visionary and dental researcher. For his contribution to education and training of researchers of clinical dentistry as well as development of dental system in Japan, he received 'The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon’ (2000),
third highest medal in Japan given by the Emperor.

Dr. Beach's human-centered methodology was adopted by WHO in Thailand in 1980s in the context of community oral healthcare.
ADCERRA has further innovatively adapted the same technology for the past 17 years in the bio region around Auroville and
is perhaps the only live model of its kind in the world. Dr. Jacques Verré - ADCERRA's founding director leads from the front at the age of 70!

ADCERRA's DREAM: Millions of smiling healthy children as the future citizens of the world!

Ninād is ADCERRA’s Knowledge Partner.
Ninād researches with organisations such as UNESCO, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR, Govt. of India),
Ecole Française d'Extrême Orient (Govt. of France), Aravind Eye Care System.

Synapse trilogy emerged from Project Synapse in the form of 3 short films presented as fractals that cover 'Knowing', 'Doing', 'Feeling', captured in the form of observational cinema: fractal map of Synapse trilogy

'Concept 0 - One System to Treat them All'

see more... innovative ergonomic system
'Your Smile is Precious :-)'

see more... replicable Community Care Model

see more... joint camp with Aravind

Presented at:
• ICOH (Inter-country Centre for Oral Health, WHO Collaborating Centre for Promoting Community-based Oral Health Models)
  Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Centre for Dental Education and Research, A.I.I.M.S. (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi)
  ranked no.1 medical college in India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India
• PD-Promotion Centre (Osaka)
• IDA (Indian Dental Association, Pondicherry)
• Aravind Eye Care System (WHO Collaborating Center For Prevention of Blindness, world's largest eye care service provider, India)
• Lavelle Fund for the Blind (New York)
• ergo SAVVY (Ergonomics & Safety Solutions for Health & Productivity, Redmond, Washington)

‘When Zero means All’ - research article by Ninād, Club of Amsterdam Journal, June 2010
‘Tooth Fairies’, Hindu Business Line – India’s 2nd largest business daily, March 2010

Words of support: (please place your mouse over the commentator to read the specific testimonial)
  • Dr. Daryl Beach, founder, Concept 0-Pd for health, Visionary for Health Care, Dental Researcher, Japan
    'Dr. Jacques has been making very strong efforts to introduce this approach which I think is global, simply because we work with global terms...and it's also local because Auroville is a local city.'

  • Dr. Sunsanee Rajchalgool, Director, the Inter-Country Centre of Oral Health, WHO Collaborating Centre for Promoting Community-based Oral Health Models, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, headquarters for for SEAR (South East Asian Region) countries, Chiang Mai; Govt. of Thailand
    Letter of Appreciation
    'We recognise that ADCERRA has been rendering invaluable service of promoting the ICOH programme of offering Quality Dental Care in rural areas which have been deprived of such care.'

  • Dr. Naseem Shah, Chief, Centre for Dental Education and Research, A.I.I.M.S. (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi; Govt. of India
    'impressed by your films which present the model, the practice and above all the dedication'

  • Dr. Dan Callahan, President, Children's Vision Initiative, Lavelle Fund for The Blind, New York
    'Excellent presentation. We have come to appreciate Proprioceptive Derivation.'

  • Dr. Andrew S. Fisher, Executive Director, Lavelle Fund for the Blind, New York
    'Congratulations on the Auroville Dental Centre's impressive dental and health services to the community!'

  • Dr. Ramesh Modi, Advisor - Internal Med.(Cardiology), Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai
    'What is heartening to see here is "Auroville Dental Centre's oral care delivery" model which can blend beautifully with Aravind’s established model to provide integrated health coverage for all.

    The knowledge base, engineering and practice of ergonomics presented in these insightful films needs to pervade in all healthcare fields - both in hospitals and rural health centres to help medical practitioners, reduce stress and improve their productivity.'

  • Mr. Robert Meyer, CEO, ergo SAVVY, Redmond, Washington
    Ms. Ellen Meyer, President, ergo SAVVY; PhD student, Biobehavioral Nursing Research, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
    'Our experience is that those who learn and use good ergonomic practices tend to deliver a better service while maintaining their own health and productivity. You are to be commended for incorporating these lessons into your program. Best Regards for continued success of Project Synapse!'

  • Dr. M.A.Pai, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, USA
    ex-Research Dean at Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), recipient of Bhatnagar award (highest for science in India) for Engineering Research
    'an educational experience to see the grass roots efforts of Auroville Dental Centre with Ninād in promoting quality health for rural India. It also complements the efforts of Aravind in eye care.'

  • Mr. Chandresh Patel, Founder, SaraCon Entrepreneurial Center, Auroville, India
    'I find the combination of dental-eye care twin operation a new paradigm shift that has been brought together in children's early preventive maintenance field. When addressed at the young age and with such well researched, skilled delivery model, the quality of life of a common citizen is given a tremendous support that will last a lifetime.

    Along with low cost service model, ergonomically executed delivery mechanisms, the research team has brought synergism to social health, economy and well being all in one package and this is a precious gift to every child.'

  • Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, Visiting Associate Professor (Energy Efficiency), School of Environment, Resources, and Development, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT); Thailand
    'Your Synapse trilogy demystifies the subject and emphasizing the relevance of "prevention being better than cure" in the Indian context. What I like the most is the fact that you are able to communicate the main points in a pedagogical and humane manner that can be comprehended by professionals as well as lay persons.'

  • Ms. Uma Prajapati Haimavati, founder, Upasana Design Studio, Auroville, India
    'Happy to have seen Ninād's research work. All 3 movies demonstrate a beautiful synthesis for co-creating a better world together where ground reality, vision and research attitude meet.'

  • Ms. Dakshina Vanzetti, President, Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham, Lodi, California & board member, The Foundation for World Education, Vermont; USA
    'Thank you for sharing the excellent work being done in field of dental care through Project Synapse. I especially appreciate that this initiative targeting impoverished children and empowering rural women with skilled employment opportunities, which is now flourishing in the Auroville Dental Centre, can be used as a model to be replicated elsewhere in the world.'

  • Ms. Grace Aroha, Executive for Communications, Brighter Beginnings Family Strengthening Centers, California
    'I very much appreciate Project Synapse for its innovative approach that both promotes overall health through dental education for the children in rural villages and at the same time provides an empowering vocation for women. It is interesting to sense is how this ergonomics-based approach can reduce stress, increase awareness of the body and enhance productivity in all spheres of life.'

  • Ms.Jenny Grinlington, Filmmaker; Selection Committee member, Byron Bay Film Festival; Lennox Head, NSW, Australia
    'This is a wonderful insight into innovative dental/oral care where community is involved and everyone benefits, especially the children. I congratulate the filmmakers for a delightful, sensitive, and factual trilogy. It is filmed with great respect to all involved and has captured the boundless joy in the children with their large smiles. The music is captivating. It is rare that a documentary about oral hygiene can be both fully informative as well as visually creative and entertaining.'

  • Mr. Mark Jacobs & Ms. Yoo-Mi Lee, ServiceSpace (formerly CharityFocus)
    'These films portray more than good dental practices and more than an underserved community receiving important health care -- although these are both great things. They capture the passion and compassion that drive service and the glow received from having the opportunity to serve. This message has teeth!'